The Four Seasons Opens Their First Hotel in Spain

Less than two weeks ago, The Four Seasons Hotel Madrid opened their highly anticipated, longtime waiting luxury hotel located near iconic landmarks like Retiro Park, the Prado Museum, and the Thyssen-Bornemisza. Comprised of seven historic buildings and situated in the center of the city between the Puerta del Sol and Barrio de las Letras, The Four Seasons is easily walkable to many of Madrid’s main attractions. Additionally, with the soon-to-open La Galería de Canalejas, there will be plenty of shopping and other dining options nearby.

The Most Expensive Hotel Rooms in the World

This iconic New York City hotel which features old world elegance also has the price tag to match. Stay at the 4,400-square- foot Royal Suite for $40,000 a night. Expect ostentatious decor with plenty of marble and gold glittering fixtures. A key feature is its private elevator.

Where to Ski in the U.S. This Winter

This small quaint town has some serious skiing with lifts that reach 12,515 feet high and has 2,000 acres of multi-level terrain. During Aprés enjoy some beer at Telluride Distilling or check out Alpino Vino, a five-star dining experience at almost 12,00 feet elevated. The town has some other great restaurants, but it also has serious historical significance. Check out the New Sheridan Hotel’s wild west saloon and see where Butch Cassidy did his first bank heist.

Which States Have COVID-19 Travel Restrictions?

Not all U.S. states have the same rules when it comes to state-by-state travel. Some have specific guidelines or remain closed to out-of-staters. Here is a list of each state that has specific requirements in place at this time. Those states not listed are open to travelers and do not have specific restrictions in place.

Virtual Tours to Sustain Your Stir Craziness

With a lot of misinformation and health scares right now, people aren’t sure if they should travel. As a result, some tourist attractions ranging from museums to national parks are offering people a chance to explore in the comfort of their own safe home.

Spotlight on Newfoundland

Along the easternmost part of Canada is Newfoundland – situated in complete and remote wilderness. A breathtaking island that at once captivates its visitors, with its dramatic mountain landscapes and coastlines, the area offers plenty of wildlife watching, land and sea exploration,, and a strong culinary scene.

Caribbean: The Hot 2020 Islands to Visit

Things might be quiet right now and perhaps even if you aren’t lucky enough to have immediate access to a beach nearby, you can certainly start to plan for your upcoming vacation, wedding, or conference. We’ve compiled a list of our top favorite Caribbean islands to visit this year.

Simple Rules to Make Your Event Go Off Without a Hitch

Planning an event requires adhering to timelines to ensure that the event doesn’t have any hiccups. Here are a few tips to help you get things right and we suggest all of the below should be in place at least six months out.