Simple Rules to Make Your Event Go Off Without a Hitch

Planning an event requires adhering to timelines to ensure that the event doesn’t have any hiccups. Here are a few tips to help you get things right and we suggest all of the below should be in place at least six months out.

Find the Right Venue Space
Once you know how many people you’re planning to invite, you must secure a space that works with your theme. Also, take the time to understand if the provider is offering any additional elements such as lighting and furniture. Know all the parameters so you can assess what makes financial sense.

A large part of what will make the event successful is choosing a caterer that has extensive knowledge of a particular food theme or has an array of selections to pick from. Also, review photos of their work and have a tasting before hiring.

The Event Theme
The theme should be finalized six months out and should tie in nicely with the catering and the venue space. This will also enable you to decide on the type of décor and entertainment you need.

Furniture and Accessories
Review rentals at least six months out if not more as there are often busier times in the year when other companies will need furniture selections. Payments are typically done closer to the date which will give you time to adjust what you need.

Other Vendors
Hire your preferred vendors at least six months ahead so that you’re not scrambling last minute. This also gives you time to determine the type of lighting, flowers, and linens you may need.

Once the event is a go, immediately start determining what type of entertainment and panelists you may need. Well-known entertainers and speakers are booked months in advance.

Coordinating with PR
Stay in sync with your marketing or PR firm as it’s important your potential guests have sufficient time to know about the event. Additionally, the PR team needs to generate buzz to get the word out about an event and this requires at least four months out.

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