The 007: Licensed to Thrill Spy Experience

You’re invited to participate in a secret mission – only worthy of M16 personnel and – Bond, James Bond.  Our team is comprised of well-qualified counterterrorists, retired Navy Seal and FBI agents, SWAT and Special Patrol. Each team member has experience in training departments, development, coordination and implementation of high risk situations around the world.  Our high adrenaline adventures take us globally to magnificent landscapes and breathtaking panoramic landscapes such as Bahamas, Mexico, Austria, Iceland, Italy, and Switzerland to name just a few.

Participants will have the option to be inserted via land,  air or sea to combat terrorists, retrieve important data, rescue and capture hostages.  Each experience is customized to fit your expectations, interests, and physical capabilities – we offer the scenarios with the opportunity to be filmed.  Participants will be trained in live fire combat drills, close quarter battle (CQB) and hostage rescue techniques, and boat casting waterborne operations.

Be surprised and be prepared for the unexpected.  The disguises can be as thrilling as the experience.  Do you like your martini shaken or stirred?

Reserve your spot before prices and availability change!