Titanic WOW Expedition: Once-in-a-lifetime

For decades there’s been a singular fascination with the tragic demise of the Titanic. Now here’s a true WOW once-in-a-lifetime experience in which guests can explore the Titanic firsthand via a special submarine manned by a scientific team of experts.

The Music Boot Camp Experience

Want to meet your favorite musical artist? Concierge and Events by Victoria will create a weekend long program in which guests will interact with an artist in an intimate setting.

Paris Champagne Let Them Eat Cake Experience

Marie Antoinette may never have actually said those words, but a glorious trip to Paris offers visitors a chance to indulge in macaroon or pastry lessons at some of the more prestigious schools in the city.

VIP Experience Grand Prix Monte Carlo

Calling all adrenaline junkies and car enthusiasts! This once in a lifetime experience requires a penchant for velocity and admiration for picturesque landscapes and beautiful people as you enter the world of auto racing in one of the most glamorous cities in Europe.

Lochs, Ladies, and Lairds of Scotland

Enter the world of Scotland where the mystery and lure of centuries of history await you. Learn the myths, legends, and true history of the lairds and ladies who comprised the clans, the Royal Monarchy of the Stuarts and other historical figures including Sir Walter Scott (Ivanhoe) and William Wallace (Braveheart).

Courchevel Ski and Champagne Experience

Your journey to one of the most luxurious yet historical French ski resorts known as the town of Courchevel 1850 starts with a helicopter or Bentley transporting you to an ultra-five star hotel

The Opera Experience

If you’re a fan of operas such as Madame Butterfly or Carmen we’ll provide you with backstage access to the Paris Opera House or to the New York Philharmonic to watch a rehearsal. You’ll have dinner with the maestro, cast and performers on stage.

The Broadway Experience

The lights on Broadway are calling your name. Here’s the opportunity to have a glimpse of what happens backstage in NY at some of the hottest shows today. There’s even an opportunity to partake in a Broadway show.