Lochs, Ladies, and Lairds of Scotland

Enter the world of Scotland where the mystery and lure of centuries of history await you.  Learn the myths, legends, and true history of the lairds and ladies who comprised the clans, the Royal Monarchy of the Stuarts and other historical figures including Sir Walter Scott (Ivanhoe) and William Wallace (Braveheart).  Our privileged and private VIP excursions will take you to ancient villages, highland lochs and mountains where you will explore magnificent castles, churches, and battlegrounds.  Your accommodations will range from five star golf properties such as Gleneagles and Turnberry to spectacular historic castles fit for a present day king and queen.  For the outdoor enthusiasts consider night tours embracing nature, learn archery, falconry, and clay pigeon shooting.  We offer the best in culinary delights ranging from VIP distillery tours which include chocolate and cigar tastings to Michelin Star culinary lessons and seafood and salmon tastings.  We will arrange private dinners in the homes of nobility where they will serve as your personal host and tell you tales of their ancestors.   We offer a customized Orient Express experience in which guests whether celebrating a milestone,  wedding, golf or just for adventure can have their very own five star train whisk them through the countryside of Scotland either day or overnight.

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