The Bollywood Production Experience

If you have dance and singing skills then our company is prepared to whisk you away to star in your own Bollywood production in India. You’ll head to Mumbai, India to learn from the best producers and directors on what it takes to become a Bollywood star. You’ll experience vigorous training and you’ll be learning Hindu – at least for your big number.

The Celebrity Chef Culinary Experience

Want to have dinner with a legendary chef whether in the United States, Latin America or Europe? We will create a most memorable experience complete with interactive culinary lessons in the setting of your choice with famous chefs including Mario Batali, Gaston Acurio, John Besh, Michelle Bernstein, and Aaron Sanchez as examples. Learn the art of pairing wines with food and receive a signed cookbook at the end of your experience.

The Oenophile Private Wine Cellar Experience

Calling all food and wine connoisseurs to indulge their palates with privileged access to Grand Reserves and private wine cellars in the regions of France such as but not limited to Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Cognac and Provence.

The Feast of Nobility Experience

Engage in a progressive dinner feast at the homes of nobility in Italy and France. Each course is an experience onto itself as the host of each historic castle or chateau provides stories of their families’ legacies and how the farm to table experience is part of a cultural tradition passed down through the generations.

The Behind The Celebrity Lens Experience

Inspired by photography and art? Have a firsthand experience in meeting some of the world’s most famous photographers and artists ranging from Robert Farber to Damien Hirst to Richard Prince. Your visit will include a tour of their workshop and special collections.

The Coco Chanel Experience

The Coco Chanel experience is truly a privileged opportunity limited to very few select VIPS. Guests will visit the homes of Coco Chanel and visit the many sites throughout Paris that Coco frequented during her illustrious career.

The Art of Nobility Experience

Embark on a majestic tour of some of the world’s greatest art collections in the United Kingdom and Spain. Guests will have an extensive tour of some of the world’s best kept secrets at the estates of nobility.

The Designer Icon Shopping Experience

You can’t find anything in your closet that you want to wear or you just realize that you are in need of an entire wardrobe makeover. Who best to call? Why not ask for the assistance of designer icons such as Narciso Rodriguez and Giorgio Armani?

The Impressionist Masters Experience

Spend time in Provence, France and relive the Impressionistic art period with visits to the homes and workshops of Van Gogh, Renoir, Matisse and Cezanne. Guests will learn inspirational stories and visit the sites and museums behind their great masterpieces.

The Underwater Cousteau Experience

Have an adventure expedition to Antarctica or underwater exploration to exotic islands including the Galapagos with famed oceanographer Fabien Cousteau – grandson of the legendary Jacques Cousteau.