The Historic Footsteps Experience

Have you ever dared to walk in the exact footsteps of historic figures and icons? Have you wondered what it must be like to eat where they prayed? To drink where they exclaimed?

The Tibetan Buddhist Dali Lama Experience

Meet His Holiness the Dali Lama or Karmapa in India and be a guest of the lamas in Dharamsala where they’ll teach you about the practices of Buddhist monks and guests will witness practices not seen to the outside world.

The Matador Experience

Become a bullfighter for the day and study with a legend in Mexico or Spain. You’ll become a matador in training with an intense regiment leading up to your big day in the bullring. Then prepare to run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain to complete your education.

The Underwater Cousteau Experience

Have an adventure expedition to Antarctica or underwater exploration to exotic islands including the Galapagos with famed oceanographer Fabien Cousteau – grandson of the legendary Jacques Cousteau.

The Designer Icon Shopping Experience

You can’t find anything in your closet that you want to wear or you just realize that you are in need of an entire wardrobe makeover. Who best to call? Why not ask for the assistance of designer icons such as Narciso Rodriguez and Giorgio Armani?

The Coco Chanel Experience

The Coco Chanel experience is truly a privileged opportunity limited to very few select VIPS. Guests will visit the homes of Coco Chanel and visit the many sites throughout Paris that Coco frequented during her illustrious career.

The Private Sports Camp Experience

Experience your own private sports camp with your favorite professional athlete ranging from the Major Soccer League, NBA, MLB and NFL as examples. You’ll partake in intense lessons and one-on-one training in the sport of your choice. On a whim well-known coaches and agents will drop in to pay their respects and check on how the score is going. Your weekend boot camp ends with lunch with your idol and signed memorabilia.

The Boxing Legend Experience

Meet a legendary boxer of your choice such as Larry Holmes, Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather and Ray Mancini. You’ll not only be a guest of theirs at the next fight at the MGM in Las Vegas or Madison Square Garden in New York City, but you’ll accompany them to dinner and the big party after the fight.