Why Working With a Travel Agent is Essential

Where do I go? What do I do? What are the COVID policies? How does travel insurance work? How can I be upgraded? Do we need to quarantine? I forgot my visa, how can I travel last minute? I can’t get a reservation, now what?

These are the questions we most often ask ourselves as a feeling of desperation wash over us and panic sets in making us believe our travel experience will be less than stellar.

The best way to have a carefree, enjoyable trip is by working with a travel agent. Need to understand why? The answers are simple.

Save Time
While you’re spending hours of your valuable time researching airfares, hotels, and best itineraries, there are travel experts who already have the knowledge and software to quickly provide you with options. Why spend hours looking when you can be doing more fun things like deciding on what to pack?

Avoid Stress
Sometimes when we don’t know what we’re doing we spend more money. Often when we don’t know where to find the answers we become frazzled. In either case, why have the extra stress if a travel advisor can take care of all your needs?

Leave it to the Expert
Professional and experienced travel agents travel often and know the industry well. They research, attend seminars, and remain informed to pass on that information to their clients. They can certainly give you the pros and cons of travel insurance and let you know the latest in COVID-related health policies when it comes to travel.

One size doesn’t fit all. The advantage of using a travel agent is that your advisor will create an itinerary and fulfill your bucket list just for you. Want the curtains ironed in your suite? Looking for a remote area in the world where the waves of the river are lit by the Milky Way? Proposing to your sweetie and want the best view of the Eiffel Tower? Look for that special travel advisor who can satisfy your dreams based on your likes and hobbies. In some cases a travel advisor will actually have access to a true WOW experience from other direct or indirect connections.

Support Small Travel Businesses
The pandemic has caused many small agencies to either permanently close or lay off employees. This is a great time to remember the hospitality and tourism industries.

A Real Person
Unlike an online travel search engine or agency, a travel advisor is there to clean up any issues or find solutions in real time. A good advisor will check in with you throughout your trip and be ready to assist.

Need help planning your trip? Contact this Virtuoso advisor.