Spotlight on Buenos Aires, Argentina

Spotlight on Buenos Aires, Argentina


Why Go?

The Neighborhoods
Each neighborhood has its own enclave; identity if you will. In Bougie Recoleta you’ll find a town of wealth. There’s the historic El Centro and in San Telmo discover great shopping and markets. In Palermo head to the trendy restaurants and bars as well as lovely boutiques.

Eva Peron
Check out the Recoleta Cemetery which is absolutely gorgeous and also has a famous resident – Eva Duarte de Peron is buried here.

Don’t leave Buenos Aires without trying one of their well-regarded steaks. This is the land of cattle where cows are exposed to very little antibiotics and growth hormones – making it some of the best meat in the world. With plenty of parillos, there’s opportunity to try the traditional asado style.

Theaters & Tango
The city has almost 300 distinct theaters ranging from opera houses to ballet venues. Not-to-be-missed is the Teatro Colon, a magnificent opera house. At night the city is alive with many milongas (dance halls) in which visitors can either participate or watch performers dance the very sensuous and sexy tango. It is a truly authentic underground cultural scene.
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