Aero Private Jet

Semi-Private Jet Flying is the New Normal

With so many commercial and international restrictions in place, the affluent are turning more to private charters these days. And even if you think you don’t have the cash for you and your plus one, friends, or family, there is a new option on the rise.

A new company called Aero which is backed by Uber (the co-founder Garrett Camp is an investor) has launched a pop up flight service which plans to operate semi-private flights between Los Angeles and Aspen and has started this February and will run through April. While it won’t use a private jet, it will utilize a regional jet with limited seating of only 16 instead of the typical 36. Each occupant is able to sit in either window or aisle.

Besides more space, Aero is focused on providing a true luxury experience by creating luxury interiors ranging from hand-stitched Italian leather seats and custom suede interior walls to a custom sound system by Bongiovi Acoustic Lab.

For February fares are set at $990 per seat one-way and ultimately increasing to $1,250 each way in March and April. While booking with Aero does not enable you to book your own aircraft on-demand or through membership allow you to determine your schedule, Aero does offer private terminals.

Additionally, Aero has a flexible cancelation policy allowing passengers to change or cancel flights up to 48 hours before departure. While there is a $300 fee, travelers receive flight credit for future travel.

In the summer of 2020, Aero indicated that they operated flights from London to Ibiza, Mykonos and Nice. Currently, the company is also offering private charter service across Europe.

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