How to Prepare for Super Bowl Miami in 2020

Superbowl 2020 Miami Florida Events and Parties around miami

With any luck, you’re planning to attend 2020’s sexy Super Bowl in Miami, Florida. Forget the warm water, the bikinis, the sun, the mojitos…Huh? You have more important things to worry about like how to navigate the scene and where the parties will be.

First, next year’s February 2, 2020, Super Bowl will take place at the Hard Rock Stadium which is located in Miami Gardens. While Miami is an immediate option, consider staying in Ft. Lauderdale as each area is equidistant from the stadium. The parties will be scattered around Miami from Key Biscayne to South Beach so if your focus is the parties, then Miami should be the priority.

Next, what’s the dress code for Super Bowl events? Hello??? Can you say SEXY? We just told you to forget about the bikinis and mojitos, but now it’s time to remember them. Dress to impress as both the city and the VIP celeb-filled parties with all of your favorite NFL players and movie stars will be on hand and of course, you’ll want to mingle so dress your best in cocktail wear and sharp pants and casual jackets. Game Day in Miami is pretty much a parade so again, consider not just wearing a t-shirt and flip flops, but maybe a nicer shirt and flip flops.

We have plenty of Uber and Lyft, but consider those water taxis if you are mixing and mingling in the downtown area or the beach. With luck, your helicopter can transport you to varied places between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale.

And please bring the Alleve and Advil. You will need them for all the exciting activities we’re planning for you. Need help with hospitality programs, event management, or travel arrangements? Contact us.

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