Exotic Destinations – Kyrgyzstan

Exotic Destinations – Kyrgyzstan


Located in Central Asia, this relatively unknown and unspoiled country offers plenty to adventurous travelers.  Its terrain is defined by magical mountain scapes, rolling green pastures, and dramatic craggy ridges.  Here visitors find lynx, sheep, and snow leopards.  In the ancient city of Osh, there’s a popular bazaar.

This is also home to the World Nomad Games which is entering its 4th year and offers nomadic sports competition.  Examples include wrestling on horseback and goat polo. To take in this consuming panorama go horse trekking and visit glaciers and mountains from north to south.

Discover the Silk Road ruins (note Kyrgyzstan was once part of the ancient Silk Road connected by China, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan. A remaining monument is the Burana Tower.

Immerse yourself in tgheir traaditional cuisine which are primarily meat-based.  This is due to the tremendous amount of agriculture and farming found in the region.  Typically, horse and beef are consumed, but so are delicious dishes such as manti (beef, potato and onion-filled dumpling) and shashlik (skewered and grilled meat).


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