The Ultimate 2019 Gift List

The Ultimate 2019 Gift List

Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, there’s something for everyone. We curate every experience and match according to your tastes and desires. Wishing everyone a happy holiday!

Great Wall of China

While visiting the Great Wall of China is on a lot of people’s bucket list, imagine having a five-star dinner there in a secluded spot. You and your group will have an exclusive meal at one of the most incredible structures in the world dating back two thousand years.


Embark on a private luxury yacht expedition to Antarctica where you, the captain, and scientists onboard decide where your journey takes you. Go whale watching, visit the satellite stations, and check out the wildlife including penguins. Throw in a famous chef to make your trip complete.


Go trekking for mountain gorillas in Rwanda or Uganda. Be a part of the conservation movement and spend time with scientists as you learn about these endangered species among other wildlife like the white rhino. Eat under the stars while surrounded by nature.


Have the ultimate food and wine experience in Iceland as you explore its fire and ice. Bake bread in a geyser, take a walking food tour where you’ll discover delicious hidden secrets, have a gastronomic farm-to-table dinner at a well-reputed farm, indulge in a glacier buffet lunch once the helicopter drops you and your guests off, visit an “ice cream” farm, and oh…there’s this thing called the Northern Lights!

James Bond – 007

You can be both shaken and stirred as you and your friends have the ultimate James Bond 007 experience in one of several extraordinary regions in the world – our favorite picks: Ireland, Scotland, Croatia, and Israel. You play either a villain or good guy, but either way – you’re about to become an agent and be trained by real operatives in one of our very cool scenarios – combining tuxedos with lavishness and adrenaline-pumping activities. We can’t say more or our cover will be blown.