A Toast to Champagne

The bubble route to Champagne is an effortless journey – only forty-five minutes outside of Paris by train and offers a robust view of the most famous vineyards in the world ranging from Dom Perignon, Veuve Clicquot, Taittinger, Perrier Jouet among others.  It is here in this picturesque region that vineyards of Chardonnay,  Pinot Noir, and  Cote des Blancs are nestled on sweet hillsides overlooking historic 18th century chateaus.

The Romans first came to Champagne in the early BCs.  Reims early on became the focal point of civilization in this area as the first royal coronation took place and the famous Jan of Arc led the Dauphin Charles VII to his coronation in 1429.  Throughout the Middle Ages Reims prospered and its success was cultivated by champagne wine under Louis XIV.  Reims is also noted for Eisenhower’s famous temporary war room which is now called Museum of Surrender.

A VIP visit to the prestigious wine cellars and its deep underground give a new spin on past civilization as guests have the opportunity to explore the darkness of the 13th century where monks worked.  In the early 18th century Dom Perignon – a monk discovered blending different harvest and wine varietals created ideal sparkling wines and thus, champagne houses were born.

Today champagne continues to be the symbol of French culture and lifestyle – and not just for celebrations, but as part of everyday living – rejoicing in all aspects of life.  Discover Champagne by a hot air balloon ride and descend upon a vineyard where your picnic awaits.  Visit flute makers and learn the variances on shapes and sizes of these unforgettable and beautiful glasses.  Make your way to very special cheese shop and visit specialty shops where can purchase cured meat.  Champagne is not complete without chocolates so it is only fitting to learn the art of making chocolate from a chocolatier.

Explore World World I sites, have a private dinner at the Tau Palace, and visit Essoyes (known as Renoir village) where one can visit the French Impressionist’s home.


Champagne Festivals:

November – Reims Jazz Festival

January – Monte Carlo Road Rally – Reims