What are the Host City’s Requirements?

Super Bowl Criteria: What are the Host City’s Requirements?

When cities around the country vie to be the next host of Super Bowl there’s a lot going on behind-the-scenes for that bidding process. For instance, the proposed city must have their own NFL team with a stadium that holds at least 70,000 seats.

The NFL has a list of requirements that include a climate-controlled domed stadium if the average weather temperature falls below 50 degrees. The stadium must also allow free and exclusive use of the parking spots for game day. They can install their own ATMs specifically designed to accept NFL preferred credit/debit cards in exchange for cash. The NFL has exclusive access to all club seats and receive 100% of the revenue from ticket sales.

Team hotels must agree to televise the NFL Network for one year leading up to the Super Bowl. The NFL receives full tax exemption from on all levels – city, state and local. The NFL requires the usage of three golf courses and two bowling lanes.

With Super Bowl 54 around the corner, note that Miami has already hosted 10 Super Bowls and this 11th time will make it the most times in the country. Sure the seating has been reduced from 75,000 to 65,000, but with extensive renovations such as new suites, video boards, and seating pods make it an ideal location for the NFL.

In 2021 Super Bowl moves to Tampa Bay followed by Los Angeles in 2022.

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