How to Outsmart a Thief While Traveling

How to Outsmart a Thief While Traveling

Even the most savvy travelers can sometimes be forgetful or lenient in how they travel which is why it’s important to remind everyone what you should ALWAYS consider doing before venturing out for the day.

HAVE COPIES – Always have a copy of important documents and leave it in your suitcase or carry it on you. This should include a copy of your passport.

FORGET THE LOUIS VUITTON – It pains me to say this, but you are better off leaving the expensive luggage behind as many celebs have been victims of having their fancy luggage stolen.

KEEP VALUABLES LOCKED- It’s easier to be pickpocketed while walking down the street than keeping valuables in the safe or in a locked place in your hotel room. Do keep your valuables out of sight to avoid tempting those not so honest.

DON’T LET GO- Thieves are so quick that in a blink of an eye, your belongings are gone. Even when you are sitting or perusing a paper or making a purchase at a counter, please keep your purse or laptop bag wrapped around your chair or your body.

DON’T WALK IN CROWDS. Sure this is easier said than done, but it’s much easier for a thief to bump into you and slip his hand into your pocket or purse. This is especially true in train stations. Never set your bag down and walk away – even for a few seconds – that’s all it takes for a thief to abscond with your items. Be vigilant about where your luggage is located on a train or bus.