Titanic WOW Expedition: Once-in-a-lifetime

For decades there’s been a singular fascination with the tragic demise of the Titanic.  Now here’s a true WOW once-in-a-lifetime experience in which guests can explore the Titanic firsthand via a special submarine manned by a scientific team of experts.  Located off St. John’s in Newfoundland, the team will reach depths of 4,000 meters (approximately 13,000 feet) in a special carbon-fiber capsule designed for this expedition.  It is a truly amazing accomplishment to reach the ocean’s deep as this is actually deeper than where the Titanic lies.

Our lucky guests will explore the wreck weaving in and out of debris and of course, the location of the grand staircase (isn’t there where Jack and Rose once stood?) as well as the bow section and other areas illuminated by lights.  Feast your eyes upon deep sea creatures that not even Neptune has seen!  Perhaps based on weather conditions you may even enjoy 3D and 2D laser or sonar scans as you search for other famous landmarks of this once magnificent vessel.

Our adventure takes place July 11-20, 2020. 

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